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Women Items in Bollywood?!

Everyone knows that I have always been a sucker for Bollywood movies and Shahid Kapoor!

But now…my rush for Bollywood is more than ever! I want to watch every movie, know every song, every line…okay maybe not every line. get it!

One complaint with these movies though is why the sex, why the derogatory remarks, why the woman in distress, why the women !? Bollywood needs to make a movie where the woman is in charge without the freaking item girls songs….like….

Munni Badnam Hui, Sheila Ki Jawani, Jalebi Bai, Laila Me Laila,                                             Chikni Chameli, and many more…

….IT JUST LOOKS CHEAP! These beautiful women who are highly paid like Katrina and Malaika are exploiting themselves to serve the purpose of getting more men to watch their movies hence to get more money. It just doesn’t seem right. And movies like the Dirty Picture are doing any justice to women!

In a dancer’s point of view, these songs don’t make it easy to find new songs with out exploiting ourselves. For example, I taught little girls a dance for diwali, and I had to avoid item songs (which is basically every song that has only women) in order to protect the integrity and dignity of these small girls who might as well have been booty poppin’ all over the dance floor!

Comments, Concerns, Thoughts, and Haters are welcome!!

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This was extremely corny but I love it because literally no other guy in bollywood would ever do such a thing.

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